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Engineering Report

Posted on Sat Dec 7th, 2019 @ 7:52pm by Lieutenant Khrysaros Ral Son of the Fifth House Of Betazed

Mission: First Contact
Location: Bridge and Engineering
Timeline: MD02-11AM

Lieutenant Ral was not accustomed to command, but he was also in position to turn down the experience. This meant he’d be in the Captain’s chair for the duration of this mission and with that came a load of administrative work that he had no love for.

No exception were shipboard reports, specifically pertaining to the operation of the ship. Khrysaros found it mind numbing although necessary.

Zhao was in a poor mood and his face reflected it with his scowl, he had fallen behind, facing the bane of his existence was either a glitch within the ships operating system or a sick prank. The replicators seemingly at random were producing organic and synthetic compounds that were a pain to clean. His current theory is one of the civilian's teenage children were pulling a prank.

Standing to attention "Lieutenant Ral, I apologize for the delay I have the daily report from engineering," he said while handing a PADD to the interim captain. "You will see the ship's condition is in tip-top shape except for a few minor and may I say embarrassing hiccups." Zhao hoped he wouldn't ask about the phantom issues that some of the replicators were having, the most recent caused the production of self-replicating purple foam.

“Hiccups?” Ral asked, clearly prying. In truth, Khrys found engineering fascinating and wanted to know as much as he could absorb while he had the opportunity. “Why don’t we go to Engineering and take a look around?”

Frederick was taken aback with the sudden interest of their current head honcho. A blank face appeared on his face, then a sudden feeling of dread, this meant that he would become the point man to deal with the replicator gremlin issue. "If you insist captain, I just don't wish to trouble you with a minor nuisance that is tracking down the root cause of this replicator problem. I'll lead the way sir," he said with disciplined motivation and snapped into step.

[Main Engineering]

At 5'11", the Proxima's Chief Engineer was not by any stretch of the imagination physically imposing nor did he particularly want to be. He was lean, with a low percentage of body fat, and well-muscled but that was owing more to a fast metabolism and an active lifestyle than anything else. He had an easy smile and light blue-gray eyes that missed very little in his day to day. His desk, along with the usual detritus that collected on any engineer's work surface, always included three things. On the left corner sat a wide, round bowl filled with small puzzles, the kind that one worked with their hands, while on the right corner, was a glass container filled with small, individually wrapped 'sweets' from a variety of Federation worlds (though some were anything but sweet). The third thing, and the only one of the three that weren't freely available to anyone who came into his office, was the ever-present cup of tea.

At the moment, Magnus sat at his desk. Having already gone over the diagnostic reports from the start of shift, he was now reviewing maintenance logs from the last two shifts. Whenever work was done, the engineers and technicians filed reports - what the problem was, what they had done to fix it, and what parts they used. Those reports, when viewed as a whole, often provided a new way to look at a problem. He made a note on his PADD to speak with Zhao about the replicator problem before moving on to work assignments. Even when things were working well, there were checks and preventative maintenance routines to do which he spread across the three shifts depending upon how much the task would interfere with ship operations. He made a second note to speak with the Operations Chief and reached for his cup with his left hand.

It was nearly to his lips before he realized it was empty. He frowned down at the cup and surged to his feet. While he went through the steps needed to brew a fresh pot of tea, he turned the replicator problem over in his mind, in the same way he busied himself with those puzzles during meetings.

"And sir this is Engineering," the voice of Ensign Zhao was heard as he rounded the corner.

The Betazoid followed close behind and took in the impressive sight.

Magnus turned being naturally curious and because really Zhao's voice carried, walked out of his office to greet the new arrival. Unlike many individuals he'd served with, he didn't view counselors as natural enemies. And being Risian, he had a more philosophical outlook on tourists poking into places without asking permission to do so. which could also apply to Betazoid counselors but then, who knows? This could be the one in the entire Federation who didn't. You never knew.

"Yes, it is," he said as he walked forward. "Just visiting or is there something you needed?"

“Mister Zhao was kind enough to indulge my curiosity and bring me down for an impromptu inspection.” Ral smiled wide at the Chief Engineer.

"I see," Magnus said as he walked over to the main engineering console and brought up the display. It was a complicated overview of the ship's primary systems with drill downs for detail and for secondary systems. Not easy to read but with ten years experience, it got easier. A lot easier. "And what exactly is it that came to inspect," he asked politely.

Ral began to lead himself around the room while speaking in a loud dramatic tone. “Well you see, since I’m in temporary command of the ship I though we all might benefit from an impromptu standard inspection.” He ran his finger across a console and examined it to see if he collected any dust. “Care to take us around Lieutenant?”

Magnus nodded and lead him past consoles crammed with fascinating information on primary, secondary and backup systems and paused at the door to the Tool Room. The room was relatively neat, as much as you could ever expect of a busy department, tools were placed together by type though not perfectly straight since there wasn't a member of his staff who had the compulsion to obsessively straighten and tidy each section, himself included. Beneath one of the lower shelves was the damaged tools box. Once a week, the tools were turned over for repair or reclamation. He stepped in and gestured toward the shelves. "Kits get put together by the technician or engineer depending upon the jobs assigned from the tools on these shelves," he said. "Empty bags are over there."

Ral feigned a yawn. “Is there anything more interesting here?” He asked with little tact.

Magnus turned, hiding a smile as he did so, and moved on to small parts storage. "We carry most of our parts storage in one of the cargo bays and can make more with the replicators. This is just small parts storage. The ones we use most often." He stepped back to allow Ral the chance to survey the shelves and cabinets.

Ral turned from the group and began to walk in the direction of the Warp Core. “Are we operating within specified parameters?” He asked, parroting a question he had heard once on the Bridge.

Magnus, who was leaning against the edge of a console, kept a watchful eye on Ral. Magnetic containment fields are within spec. Injector nozzles and the articulation framework are in alignment. So, in short, yes, everything is just fine." He left out the phrase that nearly every engineer added, 'at the moment', and was amused to see a couple of the engineers mouth those words behind Ral's back though he kept the humor from his expression.

“What does this do?” Khrysaros asked, pressing at the intermix controls playfully. He knew exactly what he was doing, but since the Chief seemed to be keeping his humour to himself the Betazoid made his own fun.

It was reflex really. Instinct born of countless hours in training and on the job. Magnus stepped between him and the controls. "Don't," Magnus said quietly. He turned his back on Ral for a moment and took the time to check. Once he was sure that everything was as it should be, he returned his attention to the man before him. "Don't touch."

Ral recoiled with a smirk. “Come now Mister Channe, I wasn’t going to break anything.”

Magnus held his position and kept his expression carefully neutral. "And as long as you don't touch anything, we'll both be sure of that."

Ral kept his eyes on Channe as Zhao slowly made his way from the two Lieutenants. The Ensign clearly didn’t want to be involved.

“Tell me, when was the last training exercise in your department?” The Betazoid blinked innocently. “I assume everyone’s Safety Certifications are up to date.”

"Of course," Magnus answered, his expression sweetly innocent. "We maintain rigid safety protocols but then, you saw that for yourself, didn't you?"

The Betazoid raised a brow. He moved very slowly and very close to the Engineer. “Are you hitting on me Lieutenant?” He whispered.

"No. If I was, you wouldn't have to ask," Magnus said as he leaned in close, a warm whisper that lightly caressed the Lieutenant's ear. "it wouldn't be in the middle of an inspection. There'd be candles and wine and there wouldn't be an engineering team watching my every move."

“It’s a date.” The Betazoid whispered looking very pleased with himself. He took a step away from the Engineer and raised his voice. “Everything seems to be in order. You can carry on.”


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