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Sitting Duck

Posted on Tue Nov 26th, 2019 @ 12:02am by Commodore Catherine Waldorf & Lieutenant Khrysaros Ral Son of the Fifth House Of Betazed & Commander Tyler Hendricks & Lieutenant Commander Hadir Prenar & Lieutenant Zakaran Ick'thar

Mission: First Contact
Location: Conference Room
Timeline: MD01-0730

The long curved table of the Proxima’s conference room gleamed under the soft glow of the overhead lights. Each place was equipped with a small console embedded in the face of the table and a PADD was set alongside each. A sizeable pitcher of water occupied in the center of the table with glasses stacked on a tray next to it.

Catherine had arrived early to go over the mission materials. She sat in the appointed chair at the head of the table. She sighed and rubbed the sides of her head. The staff would be arriving soon, so it was time for her to put on her Flag Officer face. Taking a deep breath, the Commodore sat poised in her seat and waited.

A lot had ocurred in the past few days. A change in command, new orders and methods of getting everything done. However, Hadir seemed to handle everything in stride. When he was summoned for a mission briefing a small amount of excitement grew within him. He was looking forward to getting underway.

Tyler soon entered the room, nodding to Hadir and Waldorf. "Commodore. Commander." He said to each as he took a seat after pouring himself a glass of water.

Dean soon followed and gave a look, then moving to find a seat.

Zakaran slipped into the room, nodding at the occupants before taking a seat, turning so he could see most, if not all, of the table.

A few others entered innocuously and seated themselves.

“Is this everyone?” Catherine asked, turning to her Second officer.

Hadir took a quick look around and accounted for everyone. "Yes ma'am the Senior Staff is assembled and accounted for."

Commodore Waldorf stood. “Welcome everyone, thank you for coming on such short notice. I know we have all had a lot of change over the last few days, but I’m confident we can move forward without disruption.” She looked around.

"That would be an understatment, ma'am." Dean said with no disrespect of course.

The Commodore glanced in Dean’s direction. “We’re please to have Lieutenant House join us now as a Department Lead, and our new First Officer Commander Tyler Hendricks as well.” She indicated both men. “I’m sure you’ll all get a chance to meet the Commander formally over the coming days.

Tyler stood momentarily, giving a small wave to the group. "I'll be scheduling meetings as soon as I get settled in."

Jarin was one of those who slipped in quietly "Welcome.”he said softly and gave his two superior officers a nod.

“I’m certain we’re all wondering what mission we’ve been given.” The Commodore smiled. “I must admit, I was like a child on Christmas morning opening the dossier.” She looked around, it was clear she was happy to be back on shipboard duty.

Hadir cocked an eyebrow and exhaled through his nose sharply. He despised how long winded flag officers could be. They had a mission, how about simply telling them what it was so they could all move on with their lives.

Catherine cleared her throat. “We are ordered to Neldi V to conduct anthropological studies on the pre-Warp natives by way of a Duckblind.” She peered at the PADD before here and tapped the control. A holographic image of a planet appeared above the conference table. “Preliminary telemetry shows a Class M world, post industrial civilization.” The Commodore was beaming.

Dean shook his head, "I still don't see why we keep using the duckblinds. We've seen just how bad that can end up."

"I hate it too, doctor." Tyler said, "however, there's little way to hold off on contamination of a culture and violation of the Prime Directive, otherwise."

Tyler ran a hand through his hair, "because even the best disguise is going to get people suspicious. We drop someone in the middle of a pre-warp culture suddenly, and risk a violation in and of itself. That's not to mention possible discovery of any tech they might be carrying."

After realizing he might've overstepped, he looked back at Catherine, "My apologies, Commodore, continue."

Catherine was, in truth, amused by the back and forth. It was painfully boring when everyone blindly agreed with one another without discussion or contention. “The entire survey has been allotted 9 days for complete. Using the Duckblind as our base of operations, we will break into some groups to observe different areas, and report back on our findings.”

Hadir was amazed, he simply could not believe it. Starfleet had tried this method of observation numerous times and it always ended poorly. And yet here they were about to do it again.

"I agree with Commander Hendricks. Look what happened in the Briar Patch. Granted, that was a joint effort that wasn't sanctioned, it still made a huge mess of things." Dean tiled his head.

“I can assure you that precautions have been taken since that incident and we will do our best to ensure that the concealments are as fortified as possible.” The Commodore hopes to be reassuring.

“Commander Hendricks, you and Lieutenant Ick’thar will lead the first excursion group. Lieutenant Commander Prenar and Lieutenant Alexander, you’ll head excursion group two.” The Commodore paused. “Myself and Lieutenant House will keep the Duckblind manned with a team, Lieutenant Ral will take command here on Proxima.”

She looked around. “Any questions?” She asked, warm and inviting.

Zakaran raise his hand. "I do. How in Talar's name do you expect me to observe anything and remained concealed?" The name of a Thrunaran god rolled off Zakaran's lips like nothing.

"Easy, Lieutenant. The same way we all do." Tyler said.

Catherine nodded. “Isolation suits have been requisitioned for everyone’s needs.”

"Not what I meant." Zakaran muttered, nodding.

For a moment Catherine considered pressing on but pressed further instead. “What exactly do you mean Lieutenant?”

Zakaran shook his head. "Nevermind."

Catherine regarded the man for a moment and then asked the table, “Any questions?”

"I am pretty sure he is referring to his physical disposition." Or Dean could be wrong of course.

Catherine shot a look to House. “If there’s nothing else.” She looked around.

Dean shook his head, nothing else at the moment he could think of.

“I think we all have some preparations to attend to.” The Commodore stood. “Dismissed.”

Giving a nod, House stood and picked up the PADD, turning to leave.

Khrys followed suit, standing and following his new Department Head from the Briefing room. He wasn’t entirely sure how he felt about taking command of the ship during the mission but it would certainly be good experience.

Hadir stood and exited the room. He made for the bridge without so much as a word to anyone. He hated everything about this mission, and it was taking all of his concentration to not say anything.

The Commodore followed her staff from the room. ‘So much to do.’ She though you herself.


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