Name Description
USS Proxima The Sovereign class star ships have served in a variety of roles as flagships, command and control centers, diplomatic envoys, first contact headquarters, front line defensive vessels, exploratory star ships, scientific couriers and troop transports. The versatility and endless abilities of the Sovereign has proven it to be a worthwhile design, and it will continue being, for many decades, the mainstay of the Federation fleet.
Argo Class Runabout The Argo is a specialized shuttlecraft developed by the crew of the Enterprise-E for ferrying cargo and vehicles between orbit and planetary surfaces when conditions preclude the use of transporters. The design is fairly conventional, though the nacelles are more integrated with the body than is usually the norm for Federation shuttles.

The Argo has been designed with a range of vehicles. Most prominent among these is a wheeled general purpose vehicle designed to enable away teams to cover larger areas of ground than they would otherwise be able to. The vehicle is fitted with a phaser cannon to provide a limited defensive capability.

Since it's introduction to the bulk of Starfleet, several uses have been found for the Argo class. From support for Away Teams on the surface of a planet, to air and group support for Marines. Even though the ground vehicle is lightly armed and armored, it still allows teams to move much quicker then if they hiked/marched, while allowing them to carry additional equipment.
Delta Class Runabout The Delta-class runabout is the ultimate culmination of creativity out of necessity. The Delta-class was created from the efforts of the crew of the USS Voyager to establish a new, formidable and multi-purpose small craft that could perform tasks well above and beyond that of the Intrepid-class' standard Type 9 shuttlecraft. The Type 9 shuttles suffered from being cramped, short ranged and with highly limited capabilities which hampered Voyager's efforts to get home from their estimated 70+ year journey through the Delta Quadrant.

The first of the class, the Delta Flyer, was originally constructed by Lieutenant Commander Tuvok, Lieutenant Tom Paris, Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres, Ensign Harry Kim and Seven of Nine. The Delta Flyer's original mission and reason for construction was to retrieve a multispatial probe from a gas giant, and therefore was outfitted with tetraburnium hull plating which would help it survive the massive amounts of pressure. However, while constructing the Delta Flyer it was decided that the crew would outfit the ship with all the latest and most potent technologies in order to make it a multipurpose vessel to suit all their needs. Eventually Borg-enhanced regenerative shielding, bio-neural gel pack circuitry, retractable warp nacelles, more "pilot-friendly" controls for better control handling, upgraded warp systems and a Phaser Array system, instead of phaser emitters, were all installed during the construction of the vessel.

When Voyager returned to the Alpha Quadrant, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers immediately began to implement the design with a few upgrades to the Starfleet systems that Voyager didn't have during the ships construction. Although somewhat resource intensive for a runabout, it paid itself off two-fold in its usefulness and abilities. Eventually the Delta-class was available to larger starships, and generally only one was assigned per ship, although not obligatory. Starships with Delta-class runabouts assigned to them are capable of running them on assignments at one time, freeing up the starship for possible other duties.
The Type 11 shuttlecraft is a new replacement that seamlessly blends the need for personnel and cargo shuttles into one small craft. They are designed to add an extra capability and flexibility to the larger cargo craft, while still maintaining the creature comforts of standard personnel shuttles.

Bio-Neural gel packs have been included in the Type 11 as standard, a step up from the Type 10 shuttlepod computer system which offers the gel packs solely as an upgrade. Other technologies added are mostly centered around the warp core and nacelle systems.

The Type 11 is equipped with 2 phaser banks, which can be used as point defense, but are largely ineffective against any craft larger than the shuttle. As with most shuttles, standard operations do not call for weaponry. However, given the more volatile nature of the galaxy under which this craft was built, it was decided that she should at least pack a bit of a punch in case her crew should have to "gun and run" from an escalated situation.