First Contact

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The USS Proxima is sent on an anthropological mission to observe a Pre-Warp Civilization on Neldi V.

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Welcome Aboard

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After a decade of service, the USS Proxima was recalled and refit at Utopia Planetia shipyards. Now, ready for a new adventure, the new ship's crew assemble as she readies for her official relaunch into the Gamma Quadrant.

A new ship, a new crew and a mostly unexplored new frontier... The adventure begins!

An old enemy

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After a few days shore leave at Deep Space Eleven, the crew is urgently called back by Captain Hart. The Proxima is being sent to investigate lost contact with a Federation listening post, as well as the USS Hawking, a nova class, science vessel that had been studying the nearby Moray Nebula.

Anomalous Supply

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The USS Proxima has been ordered on a supply run to the Kendi system. It will take the Proxima just over a week to travel to Kendi Prime, located near the border of the Task Force 9 area of patrol, where she will deliver supplies and assist the people as needed.

Shore leave at eleven

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The crew of the USS Proxima get to relax for a few days while the ship takes on new crew and supplies. Most of the crew will use their free time aboard Deep Space 11 or in the holodeck.

The Leolia Festival of Unity

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Each year the Anndii invite all who care to come to a planet wide festival of music. Each city has their best performers who will perform for the duration of the festival. There are also showcases of other art forms, and other events across the lush world.

The crew of the USS Proxima has been invited to enjoy Anndii IV and meet the Anndii people, while the ship undergoes repairs and is resupplied.


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The crew of the USS Proxima prepare for their next mission just before a string of crew transfers interrupts their plans.


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En Route to pursue a Bajoran merchant vessel, Proxima is ordered to immediately reverse course and rendezvous with the USS Vanderbilt for an urgent matter.