Welcome to the USS Proxima!

The year 2389 and the Federation has one again authorized exploration and expansion into the Gamma Quadrant. The recently refit USS Proxima has been ordered back into action and will be key at exploring further into the unknown Gamma Quadrant. The crew of the Proxima will boldly go where no one has gone before and discover the undiscovered.

USS Proxima is a Star Trek role-playing SIM that is played using Nova, a role-playing system developed by Anodyne Productions. The story begins in the year 2389.

Once ruthlessly dominated by the Dominion, the Gamma Quadrant was a place where personal freedoms and the pursuit of personal freedoms was just about unheard of. This all came to a change with the Dominion War. The multi-quadrant war resulted in the loss of hundreds of millions of lives and effectively served to break the Dominion's tight hold in the quadrant.

The instrument of surrender, the Treaty of Bajor, was signed on Deep Space 9 and the Dominion was forced back into the Gamma Quadrant and agreed to the concession of allowing the Federation to begin the exploration of the Quadrant.

In order to protect Federation interests in the sector Starfleet Command authorized the creation of a task force within the Gamma Quadrant. The logical choice Idran was quickly dismissed as it, being the terminus of the Bajoran Wormhole, could serve as a possible point of contention with local powers and claims of unrestricted access to the Alpha Quadrant. Thus, Task Force 9 was born.

Early exploration efforts were uneventful, aside from occasions whence Starfleet vessels and crews found themselves caught between the Dominion and minor Gamma Quadrant powers. Even though the Federation was welcomed by many, others saw the Federation as a threat. In response, The Consortium was slowly created as a measure to expel Starfleet from the Gamma Quadrant. In 2388, the Consortium staged a coup, taking over New Bajor and many powerful Task Force Starships in one fell swoop. Starfleet, with the aid of the Dominion, has removed the Consortium from power and has begun the arduous task of rebuilding the Task Force.

We are a proud member of Bravo Fleet's Task Force 9.

Latest News Items

» Sim of the month

Posted on Thu Feb 22nd, 2018 @ 2:11am by Commander Elizabeth Hart in Sim Announcement


Just a quick note to say congratulations to the players for making Task Force 9 Sim Of The Month. I am very proud to be writing with all of you, here is what the Task Force staff had to say.

"The Proxima has managed to hit the ground running and kicking off with a bang. Reaching activity in record speed the Proxima is already putting out amazing story and displaying amazing potential."

» Welcome aboard

Posted on Sat Feb 17th, 2018 @ 1:54am by Commander Elizabeth Hart in Sim Announcement

Welcome Ensign Driskill/Anthon,

We welcome a very new player as our ACMO, so please be kind.


» Welcome

Posted on Thu Jan 25th, 2018 @ 4:45pm by Commander Elizabeth Hart in Sim Announcement

Please welcome my friend Aaron, who will be playing our Chief Intelligence Officer Lieutenant Sara Mattis.

Commander Elizabeth Hart/Clinton

» Welcome aboard

Posted on Thu Jan 25th, 2018 @ 4:35pm by Commander Elizabeth Hart in Sim Announcement

Welcome Lieutenant Krystal Summers, the Proximas new Chief Science Officer. This character is played by Teresa and I look forward to writing with you.

Commander Elizabeth Hart/Clinton
Commanding Officer

» Welcome aboard

Posted on Thu Jan 25th, 2018 @ 6:37am by Commander Elizabeth Hart in Sim Announcement

Welcome another familiar Bravo Fleet face. Playing Lieutenant Commander Ogunsanwo Babetunde, Nicholas is also a CO in Bravo Fleet and I am honored to have him aboard as Chief Flight Control Officer and Second Officer.

Commander Elizabeth Hart/Clinton
Commanding Officer

Latest Mission Posts

» Settling in

Mission: Welcome Aboard
Posted on Fri Feb 23rd, 2018 @ 2:50am by Ensign Billy Driskill, MD

Doctor Driskill had managed to embarrass himself in front of the Proximas Commanding Officer and didn't consider his first impression a good one at all. As he walked toward his quarters after leaving sickbay he thought about the day. He had managed to meet some of the other sickbay staff,…

» Another assignment of responsibility

Mission: Welcome Aboard
Posted on Sun Feb 18th, 2018 @ 8:11am by Commander Elizabeth Hart & Lieutenant JG Valerie Sheldon

Commander Hart had just left a final meeting with the starbase's operations department head in the Proxima's cargo bay. "Very well, looks like all emergency supplies are here" Elizabeth signed off on the PADD the Lieutenant had given her. She wasn't sure why, but she decided to check on this…

» Lay of the Land

Mission: Welcome Aboard
Posted on Sun Feb 18th, 2018 @ 1:58am by Commander Elizabeth Hart & Lieutenant Commander Joshua Hart

Josh entered the bridge as the double doors parted and allowed him access. Coming from the starboard lift, Josh passed the tactical station and stepped down the set of stairs, stopping at the door to the captain's office. He adjusted his uniform and touched the annunciator before waiting to be…

» Unexpected situation

Mission: Welcome Aboard
Posted on Sun Feb 18th, 2018 @ 1:39am by Commander Elizabeth Hart & Ensign Billy Driskill, MD

As Commander Elizabeth Hart emerged from her ready room she glanced in the direction of the Operations Officer "One hour" came from the Commander. "How are we looking Ensign Howard?" Elizabeth asked as she slowed her stride.

"We are green and ready on your command ma'am" came the very confident…

» Orders received

Mission: Welcome Aboard
Posted on Wed Feb 14th, 2018 @ 5:35am by Commander Elizabeth Hart

Commander Hart was thinking about the conversation she had with her uncle last night. As she rode up the turbo lift alone, she thought about her run this morning and the individuals she had stopped to greet and get to know. Perhaps she shouldn't do it while running before her…